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Chaos Effects 1.0 by mauriziogiri
5 Comments effect, glitch, other
Chaos Effects is a pack of two "chaotic" devices: Dedalus Delay: A real-time echoes maze generator Stutter Switch: A complex rhythm gate Both can be used to create unusual rhythmic textures, to heav... (more info)

Dub Filter 1.0 by mauriziogiri
2 Comments effect
The Dub Filter is a dual low-pass high-pass state variable filter with resonance and overlap factor. Free from Amazing Noises. Here is a video of the device: (more info)

Pulsor 1.0 by mauriziogiri
0 Comments synth, glitch, other
Pulsor is a Max for Live virtual instrument. It is essentially a monophonic synth that produces glitching/pulsing sounds and complex rhythmic soundscapes thanks to its odd circuitry. It can also creat... (more info)

GliderVerb 1.0 by mauriziogiri
8 Comments effect, other
GliderVerb is a "reverberator with glissandos" simulating a room gradually changing its shape. The device is an expanded version of an algorithm created by James McCartney for his Supercollider 2 pro... (more info)

The Little Enveloper 1.0 by mauriziogiri
2 Comments lfo, effect
The Little Enveloper is a free Max for Live device: it adds a rhythmic envelope to the input sound. You can use it to create timbre/rhythmic variations on your sound. Using it in Audio Racks can trans... (more info)

Mikro 0 1.0 by mauriziogiri
0 Comments synth, other
Mikro_0 is a simple but effective Max for Live Virtual Instrument: it has two oscillators in ring modulation, plus variable noise modulating the oscillators phase. In connection with Live audio effect... (more info)

Grain Crusher 1.0 by mauriziogiri
2 Comments effect, other
The Grain Crusher is a Max for Live device which performs "Extreme Grain Manipulation". It is essentially a noise and glitch FSU audio effect: you can get a lot of strange and unique sounds from its 3... (more info)

Granular Stereo Faker 1.0 by mauriziogiri
5786 downloads, 2 Comments effect
Here is a new Max for Live device: the Granular Stereo Faker. It is a subtle granular delay: the different delays between right and left channel create the stereo effect. This is more audio FX than a ... (more info)

Harmonic Runner 1.0 by mauriziogiri
2 Comments effect, other
The Harmonic Runner is a Max for Live spectral device. It controls amplitude, phase and timing of the components of the sound spectrum. It can be used as a spectral delay, "mangler" and distortion eff... (more info)

Compulsive Switcher I 1.0 by mauriziogiri
1897 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
The Compulsive Switcher I is a Max for Live device wich switches the incoming audio on and off, periodically. Each segment is filtered and panned and, since the switching happens at audio rate it can ... (more info)

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