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Name | Version: Every Day Synth plus 10 Monomakkine synth Engines 1.0
Author: Monotale
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Its a bundle promo 80% off.
Organic Every Day Synth counts with three synth engines, 1 the Sample Based Engine, it is escencially a collection of Organic Samples with a variety of samples that represent the organic surround of music. There are Hits, Chords, and some classics organic sounds you had to hear on most beloved artist that use organic components on their songs. The second synth engine, is the Wavetable Organic Synth, all with waveforms taken from any kind of sources, there are 169 presets but you have a Row option that adds 4 more variations of every sound, also there is a basic FM modulator and the XY factor that are used to modulate the amplitud of the signal and in conjunction with the ROWS and FM you will be able the sculpt any kind of organic tune. And besides all that features what the feature that’s makes this synth different is the addition of an harmonic array content called PARTIALS that you can choose between 20 different configuration, number 21 is no PARTIALS, you have a slider row to adjust the level of each partial, very useful to try chords or dual notes for better results. The third Synth Engines is dedicated to the bass part of the thing, it is a synth for bass sounds, based on Wavetable with most fo the iconic synths famous for his abilities with the bass factor concern, it also had 3 sub oscillators, a Sine, a Square and a Saw, together with a Chorus effect brings all the needs to find a killer and refined bass tone. Last, the is a FX section where you can find a chain of effects like Chorus, a non fixed Delay, a Reberv and last a Compression, pay attention to this last one when you open the patch, it always good to be a small amount of compression ON to get a stable sound from the synth.


Mnomakkine synth engines is a collection of synth engines that will be part of the next product of Monotale, the Monomakkine, a device inspired on Elektron Monomachine. Its not a copy of some engines of the Monomachine, it is an adaptation on some engines, while some other engines are product of Monotale design. You will find 10 synths engines, all with different techniques of synthesis , from Additive , FM, Wavetable, SID, Coast, partials, Superwaves, and more.




Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Feb 13 2023 14:09:17
Date Last Updated: No Updates
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License: Commercial
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