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Name/Version: zb.diceNote 1.0
Author: ZlatkoBaracskai  
Description: zb.diceNote is another probabilistic MIDI note pitch transformer that moves between brown and white noise distributions. Specifically it is based around the Voss algorithm for pink noise. However the available parameters are designed for musical purposes. The device contains four random generators that add up to produce an outgoing pitch. Each dice has the same parameters available to control it.
The step parameter sets the maximum step size.
The range parameter sets the maximum range of the random walk.
The period parameter specifies the amount of notes that need to pass before a new number is picked.
The subtract parameter specifies the chance of subtracting the chosen value rather than adding it to the other values.
The resulting number is transposed by the octave start value and is reflected back in case it exceeds the octave size parameter.
Two distinct strategies for creating melody are to have large random ranges for large period generators, which resembles the original Voss algorithm, and essentially transposes small interval phrases; or vice versa, to get frequent large leaps and less often small interval changes that can be tuned to resemble harmonic progression of arpeggios.

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Date Added: Aug 01 2011 11:43:35
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Device File: zb.diceNote.amxd


Good stuff.

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