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Name/Version: Mini CC Converter 1.0
Author: mmoalem  
Description: This is the small brother of my 1st device - CC Converter (

This simple device can convert 2 midi CC channel numbers and meant to help route external X/Y pads to any plugin's cc controllable elements.

I made it as I use a couple of apps on my phone as XY pads which are set to specific CC numbers. However, I found that different VST instruments have different channels assigned to their X/Y pads so rather than keep editing the templates on the phone I made this to convert the incoming CC messages to the corresponding CC channels of the plugins. Both CC in and CC out are assignable.

Obviously you can also use this device to map the x/y pads to any element in any VST instrument that accepts cc instructions.

I added option to invert CC data per channel - I found couple of occasion that my X/Y pad layouts did not match the plugin's pads (x or y were inverted) so this should fix this issue.

I have also added a dial per channel that sends midi signal on the corresponding converted CC channels. This is useful if you are trying to use the "midi learn" option on any plugin - normally x/y pads sends midi signal on the two channels simultaneously which make it impossible to use midi learn. The dials can also be used to generate cc midi data (try to automate them with an LFO for example)

If you are not sure on how this device works just throw midi monitor device instances before and after the converter and you will see whats going in and out

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Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 28 2022 18:36:42
Date Last Updated: Jun 30 2022 20:50:24
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Device File: Mini CC Converter.amxd


Sounds like a neat nifty utility! Is there a way to convert a CC to Aftertouch or vice-versa?

as far as I can tell aftertouch is not identified as a CC# channel so it wont work with this utility. when I get a chance I will have a try at getting it to work with aftertouch too

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