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Name/Version: Degrees-Autotune 1.1
Author: SebastienClara  
Description: Degrees is a family of three devices dedicated to harmonic and melodic creation. In music, a degree is the place of a pitch in a musical scale.

From this position, devices of this family determine the chord of this degree and Degree-Autotune allows you to tune an audio stream (sample, chop, etc.) to one of the notes of the selected chord.
In C major and for the first degree chord consisting of four notes as shown in the device image for example, Degree-Autotune will tune the audio in real time to a C, E, G or B only.

When n/chord knob is equal to 1, you can select chord factor (root, third, fifth, seventh). With different instances of Degree-Autotune (tracks or audio fx rack), you can harmonize an audio stream and make a chord progression with it.

The choice of the degree is made with the mouse, by automation or by synchronizing this device to Degrees-Chord.

The interest of this device comes from the synchronization between the devives of this family. With these devices, you can generate pads with Degrees-Chord, arpeggios with Degrees-Melopoeia, tune chops with Degrees-Autotune and all the devices of this family will follow in real time the harmonic progression you have determined or randomly generated.

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Add chord factor choice when n/chord knob is equal to 1.

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Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 21 2022 12:52:04
Date Last Updated: Feb 10 2022 07:02:51
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Device File: Degrees-Autotune.amxd


Salut Sebastien

thank you for these beautiful devices.
I am looking for devices like that, allowing synchronisation along tracks to distribute a chord progression on several tracks. I thought that it should be possible with your devices...but i seems not. Or maybe I didn'tunderstand something..

Is it possible, to distribute a chord on several tracks.
For example : C major
track 1 : C
track 2 : E
track 3 : G

Hi Schlam,

With v1.1, when n/chord knob is equal to 1, you can select chord factor (root, third, fifth, seventh).

So now you can harmonize with one or more audio sources :)

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