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Name | Version: Midi CC Controller - Sustain in Midi Clips 1.0
Author: GlintEye
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Control and Automate most common CC Parameters and Pitch Bend directly from Device View.

Automate Sustain (CC 64) directly from Device View and also as an automation lane in Arrangement View.


Control Sustain Pedal Actions with a definable Midi Note (default is "C-2") directly in a midi clip. No more cumbersome Envelope editing for simple Sustain actions.

Its also possible to switch between a normal Sustain (regular CC64 message) and the sustain object from Max (doesnt send CC64 message but artificially holds back Note Off messages until knob resets to 0). Max version is helpful if some plugins don't support sustain messages properly.


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Aug 04 2021 10:20:20
Date Last Updated: Aug 08 2021 09:37:42
Downloads: 827
License: None
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Device File: MidiCC Controller.amxd


I'm using your Device by controlling my synth's parameters. And when i change preset on my synth, Value in MidiCC controller does'nt change. So i need an encoder controller but its expansive. So is there any possibilities to modify MidiCC controller in order to send CC increment or decrement value?

Hmm. If your synth is a vst plugin with parameters, that can be exposed to Live's automation than I guess you could maybe hack something together to observe parameter changes and update the control in MIdiCC Controller. But it would depend on many things. For example in a Synth like Diva if you change a preset, the whole structure of the synth could change and previously exposed parameters dont control the same thing anymore. if you have a hardware synth it would just get more complicated. Sorry i cant really help you there. but it sounds like something that you could maybe hack together yourself. these were the kind of things that started me learning max. :)
Its harware synth.... Thanks for your answer.
You saved my life ! I love you dude, thanks a lot !!!!!

May the force be with you...
A somewhat deceptively simple, but extremely useful device! Specifically when it comes to automating envelopes for MIDI CC values. Currently, Ableton supports those Envelopes only within the MIDI clip, which is not exactly aligned in the arrangement view with the rest of the automation. Now, not only can you send MIDI and curve within automation lanes, but you can also use something like the LFO tool, which you can assign to one of these MIDI knobs and go totally nuts!

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