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Name/Version: FumbledFingersChord 1.1
Author: pfawcett23  
Description: Fumbled Fingers Chord is like the Chord Midi Plugin from Live except that it allows the added notes to have delayed times and varied velocities. This includes min / max ranged random values.

The idea is to provide a more 'human' chord where not all the notes are hit at exactly the same time. Note, be sure that quantize midi is off if your recording the midi output as quantize may push the midi notes back in place. In general, smaller values for delay times work best for slightly humanized chords. Higher values tend to be some what extreme and can lead to odd note overlaps, but that can be interesting too some times.

Velocity values will be clipped to the range of 0-127 so as to not exceed standard midi values.

The randomize note length toggle will apply random end times to the added notes rather than triggering off of note off + delay time.

The latest update adds the ability to automate the delay times and velocity values of the added notes. Timing here is not perfect and some changes may not be reflected till the next note depending upon how close (in time) the change was made to the next note arriving. As it delays both the start and end, it is also possible (with fine tuning) to use this to add length to specific notes by delaying the end, but not the start. For best results the delay or velocity change should be set a few ms before the note on event occurs or it may be applied to the next note.

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Downloads: 952
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Jun 30 2011 22:05:09
Date Last Updated: Nov 05 2013 11:04:45
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Device File: FumbledFingersChord_v1_1.amxd

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