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Name/Version: Clyphx Pro Trigger Midi Device 1.2.4
Author: connorpogue  
Description: Launch Clyphx Pro commands from midi notes (similar to ClyphX Pro Note Trigger Rack), but this is a single midi device (not instrument or audio rack)

Updates include: auto saving for clyphx commands, more reliable, and a mappable trigger button.

Here's a little summary of why this is different that what comes with Clyphx Pro:

Long story short, its power comes when you group this device in a midi effect rack.

This device is a midi effect, so it won’t turn your midi tracks into instrument tracks. You can do cool things like if a note with a velocity of X is hit, it will go into this device and launch the corresponding clyphx command. You can also incorporate the chain selector or key to launch corresponding commands. I personally like typing in the textedit window on my device rather in the (small) drum pads in the ClyphX Pro Note Trigger Rack.

There are two device as far as I know that come with clyphx pro the "ClyphX Pro Note Trigger Rack" (which is considered an instrument rack) and the "ClyphX Pro Interface Demo v1.0.1" (which is technically an audio effect, but it doesn't even save the commands you type in). Also in the ClyphX Pro Interface Demo v1.0.1 trigger, you can’t map the trigger button anywhere. With this device, you can also group it in a midi rack infinitely.

I personally don't like midi mapping buttons onto Xclips because then that one button can't do anything else. If you use midi notes to trigger the clips you can, for example, arm one track that has this device inside a midi effect rack (with a certain clyphx command) and another midi track with the same features, but different clyphx code. Now all you have to do is arm a different track and you can have a potentially infinite number of different clyphx commands for a single midi note (let alone a full midi keyboard).

Device Details

Tags utility, other, m4lhackevent, beta
Live Version Used: 10.1.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.7
Date Added: Jan 18 2021 20:20:45
Date Last Updated: Jan 30 2021 18:31:48
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Hi Connor,

I can't seem to get this to work, even duplicating the simple metro command in your image doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm on Win10, running Live 10.1.6 and Max 8.1.10.

The device is sitting in Track 1 (MIDI track), ungrouped with 'metro' in the note, same as your image. With playback running, I click on the Trigger button on the device.

My expectation would be to see the metro turn on, but it doesn't.

I've tried different text in the device... metro on / [] metro / [] metro on ... but none seem to work. I also tried naming it in the same way you would a macrobat device, ie 'metro on []', but still not working.

Am I missing something?


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