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Name | Version: Mother 32 Assistant 1.1
Author: Afturmath
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Mother 32 Assistant provides control over hidden MIDI settings on the Moog Mother 32. Currently supported settings are:

* Glide on/off and amount
* Assignable out source, including a knob for control over MIDI CC outputs
* Pitch bend amount, 0-12 semitones
* Sustain on/off - This acts like a sustain pedal, similar to setting the VCA switch to "On"

v1.1 - Bug fixes across the board
* Assignable out, both on/off parameters, and bend amount now work properly
* Pitch bend added to Push controls
* Tested with Mother 32 firmware version 2.0.

If any new features become available or are revealed in the firmware, I will add them.



Live Version Used: 10.1.2
Max Version Used: 8.1.0
Date Added: Sep 12 2019 05:16:41
Date Last Updated: Jul 29 2020 18:00:41
Downloads: 505
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Mother-32 Assistant v1.1.amxd


Dude, this patch is super useful! Going to save me hours off faffing around going into the settings every time I want to change something.

Thanks a lot!
Please update to version 1.1, as it fixes many bugs across the board and is tested with firmware 2.0.
Nice one!

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