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Name | Version: AUDpiPOde 0.04
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Ping Pong Delay re-imagined - well, that was my original intention... (See Note below) Uses note names (dotted (d) and triplets (t)) for delay times, plus three 'Freeze' modes. After a lot of attempts to optimise the filters, I finally decided to cut my losses and remove them. Sorry.

This may be useful if you prefer something vaguely like the pre 10.1-style Ping Pong Delay.


NOTE: blortblort pointed out that my programming in 0v02 was wrong, so this is the revised version and a good example of how sometimes projects just go wrong - a flawed re-imagining!

NOTE 2: Version 0.04 is a rework that attempts (again) to fix the problems that 0.03 didn't seem to fix. Sometimes projects just don't want to be fixed!

(I'm now wondering if I should run a 'no-prize' competition where people try to figure out what is wrong with a M4L device (I seem to have a candidate or two 'ready and waiting' already!) [ - a bit like those C programming tests where people try to hide stuff inside a few lines of code...] Or it could make a good feature article for my blog... Please let me know in the comments below if you are interested in something along these lines...)


Live Version Used: 10.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.0.5
Date Added: May 09 2019 16:12:33
Date Last Updated: May 30 2019 12:46:57
Downloads: 418
License: None
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Device File: AUDpiPOde_0v04_mr.amxd


elegant device!
Thanks for the inclusion of all the sync values and the tidy way to nudge them ;]
... but unless I am doing something wrong, I get no "ping pong" ...just mono delay. there is no wet signal bouncing from L to R ...
also, not sure how the dry/wet is supposed to work since once one turns up the feedback knob from its most CCW position, wet signal comes thru even if the dry/wet knob is in full CCW position
am I missing something?
Thanks again to blortblort for noticing my programming errors! These should now be fixed...

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