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Name | Version: SEMPLER PRO by NOISS COKO 1.0
Author: IsotonikStudios
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Sempler PRO is a polyphonic sample playback instrument, designed to create complex patterns by performing simple actions. The whole device is exclusively driven by its integrated sequencer, which among other parameters allows to set a different starting point, size, pitch, level and delay amount for every single step. Each configuration will then produce a continuous stream of fragments, played one after the other to generate a unique arrangement that results from the combination of these little pieces and bits of audio.

Part of Sempler’s magic resides on the uncertainty factor that surrounds its behavior and defines the state of its most important parameters. These random functions make it very easy to produce a whole blast of ideas with only the need of a few simple operations.

An extra set of parameters reflect other global aspects of the instrument and help to shape each pattern even further. These control the sequence length, speed and direction, the envelopes that affect every fragment and voice amplitude, and a group of functions dedicated to the Frequency Modulation, Echo and Filter sections.


Sixteen step sequencer.
Fragment starting Point, Size, Pitch, Level and Delay values for each step.
Mute and Skip buttons.
Random function applied over all the individual step parameters.
Five sequence Playback modes: Right, Left, Pong, Other and Any.
Three Rate modes: Sync, Free and Track.
Chance parameter randomly avoids steps from being played.
Reset sequence button.
Polyphony (one voice for each step).
Window with Peak and Curve parameters.
Fragments played back in a loop or as one-shot.
Complete Push 2 integration
Store and recall up to sixty-four presets.
Crop function for sample editing.
Amp ADSR Envelope.
Two unit styles for the sample Frequency Modulation: Note and Hertz.
Three unit styles for the Echo effect: Note, Sync and Time.
Lowpass and Highpass filter.
Random pan.


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Apr 18 2019 08:13:56
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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Got this. Should be great for projects.

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