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Name | Version: Beat Fader 3.7
Author: herrmutt
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Play a full drum set moving only one midi cursor.

You can set the number of control points distributed along the fader between 2 and 16.
0 Map your fader to the huge fader or set the cc number in monitor in mode.
1 Everytime the fader's cursor passes over one of these control points, a corresponding note is
trigged. For each control point the midi note number sent out is different when descending
than ascending. Therefore in for four control points, eight different note numbers
will be sent, triggering eigth 'events' that could be samples or whatever you want.

the position of the control points is set using a 'margin'. If the margin is 10 the first
control point will lie at value 10 and the last control point will lie at value (127-
10)=117. The non-extremum control points are regularly distributed in the (10-127)

2) the velocity of outputted midinotes can be either 'fixed to a value' or calculated in
real-time following the cursors's moves.
This control brings up a additional touch of

3)note length can be set to a desired value.

video demos:


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.0
Date Added: Jan 10 2011 23:30:44
Date Last Updated: Nov 21 2015 11:46:26
Downloads: 6179
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: beatfader3.7.amxd


Hey, I caught your write-up on CDM, nice job! Great videos too. Your devices have provided loads of inspiration for me to hook up my Evolution uc-33 in crazy new ways.
Same here! M4L has brought new life to my Trigger Finger, and this patch is especially good.

But Dude, a bit more explanation on how to set this and Lobby up would be helpful. The Ableton set was some help but not so much with 3.1.

Don't get me wrong please I am getting results but they are haphazzard at best.

Thanks for the excellent work on this fantastic patch.

I last FMd' your name just to see if you were putting any music out there and you guys are Siiickkkk!

Thanks for the sounds.
I just kept plugging away and I finally got it. Beautiful concept. Thanks again to all involved.

i enjoy a lot that you understand wht this simple device is !
It seems i have to work on gui and description ;)

thank you
now easier to understand, gui updated
works, but control point doesn't affect the midi notes as you mentionned it...
im not sure to understand what you mean

crossing a control point induce a note.
very fast move at hih # of control points sometimes forgot notes

havent tried it yet, but already love it thanks man!!!!!!

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