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Name/Version: AUD HexFrequencyShifter 0.04
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: HexFrequencyShifter is an audio effect that shifts the frequency of any audio that it processes, using six separate shifters arranged in two stereo processing chains. You can configure how the inputs and outputs of the shifters and the output auto-panning are inter-connected using routing matrices.

Each frequency shifter has two modes: Freq and Rate. 'Freq' is pretty conventional, although having LFOs wobble the frequency does do interesting things to sounds, whilst 'Rate' is more like 'Sample & Hold' meets shifters, and adds an unusual rhythmic element to shifting.

This is not a 'hi-fi' frequency shifter in any way. You might want to think of it as the long-lost half-cousin twice removed of my Ironic Distortion' device from last year...

But, aside from the technical aspects, the kudos that you might be able to gain by having a plug-in that features a UI as complex as this one could be exactly what you are looking for...

An audio demo will no doubt assault your ears at some stage via the medium of SoundCloud... But until that happens, then here's a demo on YouTube (complete with a titling error):

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Downloads: 627
Tags effect, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Feb 11 2019 17:49:17
Date Last Updated: Feb 12 2019 13:49:09
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Hex Frequency Shifter_a_mr0v04.amxd

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