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Name/Version: Quick Transpose perf JLS 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: This is the 'Performance' version of the MIDI Quick Transpose utility. It extends the 'Counter' control so that it now provides a much more complete 'section' or 'scene' based 'sequencer' - after feedback on my blog from JapanLoveStar (and the original 'counter' request from BruceWayne247).

The left hand side is just the original counter transposer - you click on the '+' button to increase the transposition in semitone steps, and click on the '-' button to decrease the transposition. A new button has been added in the middle that rapidly reverts to zero when you click on the central 'transpose' value in the blue rectangle.

To the right are the controls for the section sequencer. The small '>' tab button at the top allows the device to be extended to the right to show all of the controls, or minimised to essentially just the main four buttons: + - left and right.

The section sequencer can have from 2 to 16 steps (which can be used for sections or scenes within a song). The big number selector on the right hand side of the sequencer grid selects from 16 'songs'. There are three tracks: 'Transpose' allows the transposition to be set for each section within a song, with C3 being 'no transpose'. So once you have set the steps in the sequence, then either clicking on the 'right' button or controlling it from a MIDI controller will advance to the right through the sections, so you could have 16 different transpositions set if you want. More usually, verses and chorusses may have different transpositions, and the final section might be a 'Classic Eurovision Song Contest'-style key change (although this is not as popular as it once was...). The other two tracks provide values that can be mapped to any mappable parameters inside Ableton Live - obvious examples would be volume, filter cut-off frequency, chorus depth, reverb wet/dry mix, etc. The idea behind having a scene 'sequencer' instead of automation is to enable the timing of scenes to be performer-controlled instead of part of a pre-canned recording - more like a lighting desk than a DAW.

This is very much an experiment in how you can provide flexible live performance capabilities with Ableton Live, and adds to my small but growing series of 'perf' devices.

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Video: when I have a spare moment or two...


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Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Nov 18 2018 18:30:15
Date Last Updated: Nov 19 2018 10:24:27
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Device File: Quick Transpose_perf_JLS_0v03_mr_dark.amxd


awsome..that's what I need exactly! thanks!!!!

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