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Name | Version: Quick Transpose BW 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: So what is it? It's a completely over-the-top transposer, with many ways to transpose, including a counter mode that you may well have never seen before and will likely never see again. Like many of my devices, it is a bit of an experiment (ProbablyLFO and LFOLFO are good examples). Enjoy!

Just imagine the plain ordinary 'Quick Transpose', but turn up the transposition options to 11! So you get:
- Octaves
- Fifths
- User-selectable
- Semitones
- Counter mode (up and down (loops at +/- 12 semitones)

All transpositions can be accessed using my 'mouse-user centric' preference: a single mouse click.

Like any simple MIDI 'transpose', device, you may get stuck notes if you transpose whilst a note is playing (the Note Off message tries to turn off the untransposed Note On!). I use two different methods to try and fix this, but they aren't 100% effective in all cases. I use this for transposing layers in Racks, and so this problem doesn't occur. If you really want to do real-time transposition, then try my 'Quick Transpose Audio BW' device, which does the transposition in the audio-domain, and has extra features designed for live performance (plus a different set of glitches and artefacts!)

And grateful thanks to 'brucewayne247' for the inspiration for the 'Counter' section... This latest version adds a quick 'zero' function when you click on the blue transpose value in between the + and - buttons.


Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Oct 31 2018 20:37:25
Date Last Updated: Nov 18 2018 18:09:00
Downloads: 542
License: None
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Device File: Quick Transpose_BW_0v03_mr_dark.amxd


Good day! Great device! Thank's for sharing. It is sometimes held synth at the moment of switching. I have tested it with the operator. Have a nice day!
@Kuzma. Yes, this is a classic problem with any device that transposes MIDI notes whilst they pass through it as a stream - if the transpose happens before the Note Off message then the Note Off message no longer matches to the Note On (It is now an 'orphan' message because it wants to close the untransposed Note On that no longer exists...). I use the 'flush' object, plus an additional 'held' note detector to try and prevent this happening, but it isn't always 100% effective. Ideally, notes should be stored in a queue and processed as pairs of NoteOn/Off messages (This is what Ableton do in their 'Note Echo' device), but that approach is beyond my programming ability.)

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