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Name | Version: Airbase Rack 1.0
Author: listentoaheartbeat
Device Type: Instrument
Description: This Drum Rack puts the JoMoX AiRBase99 under full control of Ableton Push and provides tight integration into your Live Set, including total recall and automatic latency compensation (by using External Instrument devices for the audio and MIDI routing). It consists of independent M4L devices for each drum sound as well as the LFOs. This way you can play and select them with the grid and adjust all parameters on the fly using the encoders.

The M4L devices are based on Delaney Parker's fantastic FM JoMoX AiR Base 99 Control. In this branched-out and streamlined incarnation you do not get presets and bidirectional communication with the AiRBase99, however a few detail improvements have been added: The M4L devices automatically send the saved state once loaded and all LFO options are available as drop-down menus and buttons.

The idea is to not touch the AiRBase99 – you control, save, and recall everything from Live and Push. A little bit of setup is required to get this working correctly:

1. Enable the filter for the Hi Hat on the AiRBase99 and save the kit so it gets loaded the next time you boot. Otherwise the corresponding controls on the OH Device will not work.
2. Select the correct MIDI output for 'MIDI To' in each of the External Instrument devices that are inserted after the individual M4L devices on the pads of the Drum Rack.
3. Select the correct audio inputs for 'Audio From' in the same External Instrument devices. If you are using the Mix output of the AiRBase99, you only need to do this in one of the devices. If you are using the single outputs of the AiRBase99, you can select the audio inputs corresponding to the respective drum sound in each of the devices.

Additional notes:

- The LFOs have a dedicated M4L device each, sitting on spare pads of the Drum Rack.
- The global Hi Hat controls are available in the OH M4L device.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Live Version Used: 10.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Jul 31 2018 13:41:03
Date Last Updated: Aug 10 2022 16:19:54
Downloads: 1
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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This is so cool, thank you for sharing.
This looks great, thanks! Possibly stupid question but how do I enable the hi hat filter? The manual was not very informative. I'm on OS v 1.15 I think.

Could you possiblly provide me with the midi play back notes as they are not listed in the manual. I'd love to be able to download this but I'm still on 9.7 and are going to make a drum rack myself.

Unless of course you can use this in 9.7 or can you make a backward compatible version?
Sorry, missed these questions.

Filter routing is covered as part of the hi-hat parameters in the manual. The "Source" parameter needs to be set to "FIL".

The MIDI notes are also listed in the manual, under "Midi Implementation", "Note-On Messages".

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