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Name/Version: Algo 1.1
Author: ldmdevices  
Description: Algo is an algorithmic step sequencer.

The default mode is the Euclidean algorithm, which will distribute the selected number of pulses or hits across the number of steps in the most even way possible. I have also added 5 other original algorithms, based around the same idea of pulses clustering together in increasing sized groups. There are also 2 random modes, one which changes the sequence after each play. On top of this, you can also manually edit the sequence.

The device has 9 instances for triggering different notes.

Each has individual algorithm, speed, velocity sequencing, note duration sequencing, number of steps and pulses and randomization of steps and velocity.

Also features global swing, nudge controls and a global note duration multiplier for some dynamic live playing action.

Plays nicely with Live 9 & 10

v1.1 Fixed an issue with nudge buttons not working correctly with a lower sequence length

Short Demo vid here -

Device Details

Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Apr 13 2018 12:00:14
Date Last Updated: Mar 07 2023 19:30:55
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


looks very tasty. Any chance of constructing a single lane version of it? I have SingleDrummer, and I find that this is lighter for occasions when I can make chains in a group and only need a 4-pad kit, or when I just want one lane of syncopations etc.

Or are there other things that you could do to release it as lean as possible?

I recently bought algo. A great SEQ very stable and useful. the only thing missing is export clip function.

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