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Name/Version: TR2gen 0.02
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: TR2gen_mr is a 2 step sequencer. Just two steps, each one bar long, and all it does is generate 2 chords (separated by a fixed pitch interval) made up of major or minor triads, so producing three sustained notes in each bar. You can set the pitch of each chord, if it is major or minor, if you want fixed or random inversions to be applied to the three notes, and how long the notes last. Simple - but a great idea generator!

This article links to some of the background theory (two excellent YouTube videos):

There is more information on basic arrangements for instrumenting the output, plus another free utility, in my blog:

SoundCloud Demos:

User Demo:

Ego Likeness has produced a video showing TR2gen in use:

(I love the use of Kaoss pad controllers live!)

.amxd file?

Instructions for what to do with the .amxd file that you download from, are here:

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Downloads: 807
Tags sequencer, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 9.7.4
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Dec 26 2017 11:23:35
Date Last Updated: Jan 31 2018 21:42:05
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: TR2gen_mr_0v02.amxd


Fantastic device! I really enjoyed the little writeup on hitrecord. Amazing how simple the theory is behind this technique. Thanks!

@broah Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Enjoy!

User demo video link added...

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