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Name | Version: Machinedrum Haters 1.0
Author: ibandevice
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: PATCH

1. Possibility to load one patch on each Ableton Drum Rack pad. (16 tracks like Machinedrum).

2. Full control over 24 parameters on each track with possibility of making automations on the fly or Parameters Locks mode as in the own sequencer of Machinedrum.

3. Random Sounds Creator with three black buttons.
Each button randomizes one part of parameters: Synthesis, Effects and Routing.

4. Save and Load presets on the patch.
Matrix with 20 cell presets.
(To save preset yo need to press and hold SHIFT button while press one cell).

5. Save and Load full Drum Rack as if it were a Machinedrum´s Kit or posibility to save and load
the patch of each Drum Rack pad as if it were a Machinedrum´s individual track.


To work well with this patch in a Drum Rack it´s necessary to load one patch in 16 cells (Like in my Drum Rack) and assign the notes of the cells to correspond with the notes of the Machinedrum.
You must also to assign your midi interface in each External Instrument cell and choose one midi channel output for each cell.
(In the case of the Machinedrum you have to assign one midi channel for every four tracks).

Channel Midi 1 - BD, SD, HT, MT
Channel Midi 2 - LT, CP, RS, CB
Channel Midi 3 - CH, OH, RC, CC
Channel Midi 4 - M1, M2, M3, M4

It´s also necessary that the midi channels of each External Instrument correspond to the midi channels of the Machinedrum's global menu.
The instrument of the patch of each cell must correspond to the same instrument that is wanted to control of the Machinedrum, in each patch there is an drop-down box to choose the corresponding instrument.

Everything has been tested and running 100% with Push 1 on Ableton 9.7. and Max 7.

The download contains one file but if you want my DRUM RACK for Machinedrum please click on this link



Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 7
Date Added: Mar 21 2017 13:04:38
Date Last Updated: Apr 03 2017 09:52:28
Downloads: 685
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Machinedrum haters 1.0 by Iban Device.amxd


Its fine work!

Good job Iban!
Thanks chosky17
Can you please implement mute buttons that can be mapped to MIDI notes on Push?


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