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Name/Version: DSP Roland JX-03 Control 1.0.6
Author: PatrickDSP  
Description: Roland JX-03 Max For Live Control

You can now control your Roland Boutique JX-03 Synth in Ableton Live! Update your synth to firmware system 1.10 and use this Max for Live patch to control and automate it. No more fiddling with tiny knobs or sliders.


Note: Remember to set your synth to MIDI Mode 3 or 4 to send and receive MIDI Messages. You can find out how from this PDF by Roland:

**1.0.2 update**
Some extra debugging and testing. Download the updated version from the site.

Added Assign mode for Poly, Solo & Unison modes

**1.0.5 update**
More uniform layouts of banks for Push & Push 2

**1.0.6 update**
On rare occasion the Expression Pedal fader would start at 0, making the synth silent. this has now been fixed.

Device Details

Tags synth, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 11 2016 22:16:39
Date Last Updated: Jan 16 2019 07:30:50
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Hi, is it possible to program the JX-03 Editor, so it gets the CC Values from the hardware while switching sounds? So I could save the sounds within an Ableton Live project and the values for the knobs are "visible" f?r better understanding a patch. Kind regards!

Okey, I'm finally into maxforlive, I had Ctrlr JX editors.

But again,
Yesss, the JX-03 is so incredeable amazing in dual mode!
Two different patch settings played together in some kind of hardwired roland sync feature.
This makes my alpha juno sounds so cheap.

So, Please add the Dual voice switch, and the upper/lower voice selection.
and fix the chorus to 0-1-2-3, cause the chorus button is'nt working.

I can personally send sysex patches with my SynthCtrl plugin,

But If You can program a patchlist windows browsing sysex files as patches
the JX-03 will be the best Boutique and sold out very soon on 2de hand.

The JX transmit the Sysex when You store the preset in one of the 16 programs.

I don't know if updates are allowed, but I finally have Max enabled.
I could easily add the dual layer & Upper Lower switch, and fix the chorus.

Okey, I'm into Max for Live, thanks to this devices,


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