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Name | Version: Missing Echo 0.01
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Missing Echo lets you modulate the feedback loops of two independent delay lines with two independent LFOs, and then auto-pan the results across the stereo image. Because the LFO modulation is inside the feedback loop of the delay lines, the result is that the number of repeats that are heard varies with the LFO. The modulation scans from in-channel feedback to cross-channel feedback, so there is a lot of stereo image alteration.

If you set the delay time to relatively slow, and the Feedback and Modulation to 100%, then you will get runaway feedback, so only do this if that is intentional. Normally, I would add protection, but in this case, the settings vary with the LFO speed, and so I am leaving the characterisation of this to a later date.

A Limiter stage can be added if required.


Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2.2
Date Added: Jul 24 2016 14:31:12
Date Last Updated: Jul 24 2016 18:53:12
Downloads: 2175
License: None
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Device File: Missing_Echo_0v01_dark_mr.amxd

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