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Name | Version: Push Chop 1.2
Author: dataf1ow
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This is a 4 channel Looper/chopper for the Ableton Push hardware (with a MIDI mappable button for use with a foot controller for us instrumentalist). Vari-speed recording/overdubbing (thanks to the great karma~ external in version 1.1 and up), and some versatile play back controls create a unique performance and production tool.

If using Windows, you will need to download the karma~ external and place it in your max search path. Downolad it here:

There is documentation included in the device that details how you use the Push to record and manipulate audio.

See a quick video of it in action here:

See some Live instrument input here:



Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.0.6
Date Added: May 12 2015 12:39:42
Date Last Updated: Dec 04 2015 15:35:49
Downloads: 3
License: Attribution
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This is absolutely outstanding! As someone who previously relied heavily on mlr and molar using my monome, this is a welcome addition to my push arsenal!

I did manage to crash it once, when I accidentally grabbed the tempo knob and changed the tempo in live while it was playing. After that, the loops would not play back in sync, and after trying a few things to remedy the situation, live froze up. I'll play with it a bit more and see if I can make it happen in a repeatable fashion.

All things considered, this is a fantastic device, and I look forward to its development! Cheers!

Okay, I determined that changing the tempo while transport is running definitely interrupts audio from push chop, and them it is never in tempo sync again, even when changing back to the original tempo. But if you stop transport and then change tempo, everything is still in sync when you start back up.

This is certainly not a big deal and will not prevent me from using this great tool live, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you have a fix for it.

Once again, simply outstanding work here!
Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry I didn't respond sooner.
I'll have to look into the changing tempo while playing back bug. It might take a bit of restructuring to make that possible. A lot of the math is dependent on the length of the loop. And the loops all stop when there is a tempo change to update the buffer length. I never really intended for this device to deal with tempo changes while playing back. The loops will definitely not follow Live's tempo as there is no time-stretching in the looping engine (yet!). I would recommend doing all tempo adjustments when you're ready to lose your loops and move onto another musical idea.

I recently updated the device with some new features, there's a 1.1 available that has an improved looping engine with overdub/loop replacement. And also latching options for the stutter/pitch controls. Also has solo/mutes.

Thanks again for checking out the device.
Looks sounds beautiful. Does this replace scrubber 1.1? how do they operate differently? My eyes tend to glaze over trying to musically understand the different between slice, loop, chop yadda yadda....
Hey Braduro,

Thanks for checking ot this device too! This does NOT replace scrubber. They are built on two different concepts, but have a similar control interface.

This device is meant to operate on incoming audio, more like a live looping system. I am an instrumentalist too, and I wanted a way to capture my playing and instantly have access to chopping/repitching/reversing etc. So this was my solution. I had been working on this for awhile, and the LED/input was easily adapted to scrubber.

Scrubber operates on EXISTING live clips, and is meant to give quick access to any existing clip in Live. Of course you could record into Clips in a track, and use scrubber as a Live looping tool, but that wasn't it's original intent.

Let me know if there's anything else I can clear up!
Thanks for the info regarding tempo. Not a big deal. One other thing I would recommend as a feature would be the ability to insert micro fades at the beginning of each slice to potentially eliminate the pops/clicks that can occur at certain slice points. Maybe an on/off option? Thanks!
Check out the 1.1, there's a new recording/looping engine that greatly reduces clicks and pops.

Fades really aren't the answer as you'll lose a lot of the transients, you have to use a more sophisticated approach to remove signal discontinuities (what is causing the clicking and popping) when jumping around an audio file in a dynamic fashion. Luckily, someone has done that for us here (thanks Raja!) so we can enjoy click free audio slicing that doesn't sacrifice transients when we don't need to.
Well done man !! Great work :-)
Neither Push chop instance ver1.1 or karma work for me here on win 7 64bit. Original ver 1.0 still working however. Pressing record will arm but pressing again will not set devices to record
If you're a Windows user, You'll need to downolad the karma~ external from the link in the description.
great device!

Are there known problems with the 9.5 update?
I have the 7.06 M4L Version running ands the good old Push 1 :)
For me the encoders do not work.

And one other question: What is the midi mapping feature within the instance good for?

To follow up :

I downgraded ableton to 9.1 and your device works like described..
9.5 breaks the stutter and pitch edits and from time to time the complete functions fail to react.
9.1 solved most of the problems for me, except two things:
Is it intended that I cannot save the patterns?
The moment I quit everything is lost.
Of course I could record an audio clip but that is not the same..
It happens from time to time that the recorded clips do not start anymore.
I try to restart the brain, re - init also but I cannot get the instance to run again. Do you or anyone :)have any advice on that?

I am aware that you give away your great work for free so please do not feel criticized. That is not my intention.

Hey Oliver,

Thanks for getting in touch! I hadn't had time to update this for 9.5 yet, so thanks so much for the heads up. The Encoders moved around a bit in the Control Script, so I had to adjust some of the calls. It should be good to go now in version 1.2. I will have to look deeper into the stutter/pitch things. They were working for me pretty well this morning.

The MIDI map button (as stated in the description) allows you to map the record functionality to another MIDI controller. In my case I use a foot controller to capture instrumental loops.

You cannot save patterns - I could maybe add this, but it's not important to me. I use this for performance, improvisation and generating ideas. If I come up with a pattern I like, I bounce it to audio.

What do you mean the recorded clips do not start anymore? What exactly does that mean?

I'll need PRECISE repro steps, because it's runs very stable for me on my machine. And if it's a windows only thing, it's unlikey to be fixed as I don't have a Wndows machine to test/debug on.
Good day!

Is it possible to use this amazing stuff with Ableton 10 and push 2? Could you advice how to setup it? It didn't start by tap button. Max devices opened. Where exactly I should puе "Karma external"?

Have a nice day!

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