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Name/Version: audio random triggerer 1.2
Author: offthesky  
Description: this is a modded "audio effect" combining several pre existing ideas from other patches found here and in the m4l forum. it takes the incoming audio signal - when that input signal breaches the threshold, the knobs are triggered to move with a form of smooth randomness.

1. drop this inline after the sound source you wish to use to trigger the randomness (i.e. drop this after an impulse or drum machine with a definite audio spike).

2. click the "get devices" button. click the top menu to select the effect you wish to control.

3. select the effect's parameters you wish to randomly control using the sub-sequent menus

4. set the threshold to the desired amount so the incoming sound will properly trigger the randomization of the knobs

5. below each dial are the ranges (the two boxes right next to each other) and below them are the smooth box. the ranges go from -127 to 127 (you can use decimal numbers of course)... most controls will take 0-1 but some pitch ranges and macro controls need the 1-127.

note: or you can set a midi or keyboard map to the trig button and trigger the randomness via a keyboard.

update: to fix the "device mappings not saving when the mapped device is moved" issue download the following max patch and replace the one in your c:/programfiles/cycleing74/max5/patches/m4l-patches/LiveAPI Resources folder. (on a mac these folders are in the max5 folder inside the applications folder). note: if you upgraded to live 8.2.2 and max5b45300, the new folder for this on a PC is:C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.0\patches\m4l-patches\LiveAPI resources\abstractions

note: this seems to work great with max5 build 41767; haven't yet tried out the later max5 builds...

update: April 21,2011 : have installed the latest update to live (8.2.2) and the latest build of Max 5 (45300) - this also installed an update to Max4Live with allot of new LFOs, and other M4L patches. I had to replace the "m4lDeviceParameterRemote" again as stated above to make my 'audio random trigger' retain it's parameter mappings properly. doing this did not affect any of the new m4l patches since they seem to use different subpatch files to access the live api.

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Downloads: 1660
Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Apr 25 2010 23:14:42
Date Last Updated: Apr 22 2011 11:30:57
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: randomatoe-audiotriggerered.amxd



love your music !!!

"once you've mapped an effect to this, if you move that effect around... the parameter mappings from this controller to that effect might not still remain."

i know this effect and i think there is a workaround. something like

1. register when this device has been moved. You can use the path-object for it: It outputs the same ID (as before), when ever the path has changed.

2. And then you save the changed path and restore this path when the project loads.

good luck.

awesome - thanks so much for the tips! this api is giving me a headache but hopefully soon i can get this effect up to perfection...

or if you all know of another lfo esque m4l effect out there that has already implemented a good working version of the workaround you mention above, do let me know...

not that i don't want to figure this out on my own but seriously: making music is much funner than fixing bugs ;)


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