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Name | Version: Nord Drum 2 Controller 1.0
Author: splonge
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This will let you control a single channel on a Nord Drum 2 synth (OS v3.00). Just add it before an External Instrument mapped to the channel number you want to control.

It maps fairly well to the Push, but I have moved some parameters so that Banks 1 - 4 have better groupings.

There are also separate randomise options for the Tone and Noise and sections, which are a lot of fun!

A few things that need fixing at some point:

1 - It will send all the controller values when you load it for the first time. I don't know how to stop that, so I made it send the parameters for the Init Sound patch. Make sure you save your modified patch on the Nord before restarting Live or reloading the M4L device.

2 - It originally read the incoming CC values and updated the dials, but that doesn't work with Live's automation.

If you know how to fix either of these, please let me know. I'm still a M4L noob.


Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Jan 04 2015 08:31:48
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 913
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Nord Drum 2 Controller.amxd


Awesome, thanks a lot, works fine and is super useful!
A fast work around when loading the plugin is that you turn of your midi device in the Ableton preferences and turn it on again after the plugin is loaded.
Like this you will keep the sound of the Nord Drum.
What I like very much is that you can save your Sounds that are made with this plugin in your Plugin presets.
The only thing that would be a great asset is that the plugin also takes over the settings of the Nord drum ones a setting is changes. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to do this. Maybe a pickup device setting button or could be implemented? Anyway, thumbsup for making this possible!
The only thing that would be a great asset is that the plugin also takes over the settings of the Nord drum ones a preset is changed in the nord drum.
Thank you for making this! I was trying to come up with a solution using TouchOSC, but this is more elegant and works well with Push2!
Thanks so much for this, is there any way you can update this version so all 6 channels can be edited? This would be a massive help if possible.

@splonge Has anyone had any luck getting this device to work on Ableton 11? It was working perfectly on 10 but nothing works after upgrading to 11, please help on a solution to this issue. I appreciate it, thanks!
Nevermind, I got it to work! I can confirm it works in Ableton 11 :)
Just wanted to say you've done a great job on this. I've added bidirectional control, as well as paged tabs of 6 channel groupings, so you can use it as a single instance, as well as program change control and preset morphing. Will post it up here, as soon as I bomb-proof it.
hi @splonge - first of all thanks for this device. I worked on my own one because I didn't know there is still an editor for the Nord drum 2. Mine works but yours is much more better programmed, more efficient :) . thx for that.

I also asked me if there are any news about @Illiac 's post about a bidirectional version and 6 channel grouping. is there a still a patch you would share?!

all the best

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