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Name/Version: OmniPush 2.0
Author: walrusmuse  
Description: OmniPush makes use of the Push touchstrip to "strum" a glissando of notes, akin to the Suzuki Omnichord.

OmniPush allows you to then choose between "Freehand" and "Scale" mode.

Freehand Mode allows you to play a chord with your right hand on the Push pads, while strumming multiple octave with the left hand on the touchstrip.

Scale Mode allows you to strum with the touchstrip only, by choosing the root and scale/mode in a menu, and/or by playing a root note or chord - which changes the menu to the played root note or chord.

You can also add fifths, adjust note length and velocity (of glissando notes), and play through or silence the right hand chord.

--- Version 1.1 Update----

Added MIDI note range to take advantage of MIDI notes from C-2 (0) to G 8 (127).

Extended interface for full kslider feedback.

Added MIDI delay as "additional plucking" to add more notes within the glissando, as well as a delay time knob limited to its most useful "strumming, or plucking" range.

Mapped Add Fifths button, and Chord Thru button to Push's encoders.

Mapped the remaining dials to Push's encoders in the order of the device's Live display.

Thanks to Thomas Gendinning and Madeline Bloom for the input on features and ways to improve!

Ver. 2.0 Update

Push 2 now functional - uses different scripting and CC data - so you don't need to grab Push anymore - just put it in fader/wheel mode on the touchstrip (select + touch the touch strip)

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Downloads: 8623
Tags synth, effect, other, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Nov 20 2014 18:14:21
Date Last Updated: Sep 11 2016 08:29:09
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: OmniPush 2.0.amxd


Maybe you can help me:

I am hoping to someday make a max device that mimics the functionality of an omnichord, but instead of strumming something to play the individual notes, you would actually play them on keys or midi pads. The idea is that there would be a way to select the chord with one set of controls, and then your keys or midi pads would only play notes in that chord.

I was inspired by playing the polychord app on ipad but wishing for physical keys to press instead of the ipad screen.

I have gone through all possible ways of trying to make this using existing max for live devices or the built in midi filters in ableton, but everything focuses on allowing you to play entire chords at the touch of a single button, or arpeggiating chords with a clock. I want to do neither. I want to hit a button and now every key on my keyboard only plays notes that are in a dsus9 chord, and I don't want repeated notes on the keyboard, so for a triad, c1 would play the first note of the chord, c#1 would play the second note of the chord, d1 would play the third note, then d#1 would play the first note of the chord but an octave above the note the c1 plays.

I keep trying to set aside time in max to try and hack something like this. It seems that the coll object is going to be my friend here, and each chord would essentially be it's own row in coll, remapping the keys.

Is there a chance you might be able to implement the note-per-key feature? I feel like I will have a steep learning curve trying to learn how to do it...

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