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Name/Version: Megaloop 1.0
Author: jonbenderr  
Description: A device for sequencing clips.

Use multiple instances to control up to 8 clips in separate targeted tracks.

8 different sequences each with their own set of parameters.

Clip gain and transposition control for each targeted clip.

Highly recommended to load each target clip to RAM. Especially if intentions are to use legato mode for true loop comping. Also set clip quantization to lowest possible.

Demo video:

Please report any bugs and give feedback. New feature requests more than welcome.

Many new features coming.

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Downloads: 3346
Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jun 20 2014 21:33:46
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: Megaloop.amxd


Pretty awesome, especially like how you're controlling the sample section, one thing I would add tho if that is possible at all, is Warp section control, especially transients/quantization, warp types and BPM.

That would make this thing just so much more awesome for me.

Dunno if controlling 8 is sort of a limit but if you could spec that up to control lets say at least 64 would be even more awesome.

See I am dying for Sampler to be able to do things like Warp engine control, slices, tempo... or even clips like you do here. Or complete sequencing in clip view instead of arrangement.

It's a really nice device you did, thanks for sharing this for free!

Just absolutely great! Thanks for sharing :))

Magnificent device, just what I've been looking for - Thanks for sharing it!

fantastic. Just FYI for others - the target clip cells start from the bottom right - for example if you want to alternate 2 clips, the last 2 cells will need to point to clip 1 and 2.
tested in 10.1.9

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