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Name/Version: LittleMidiEnveloper 1.1
Author: dataf1ow  
Description: The LittleMidiEnveloper is a multi point envelope generator that is mappable to any parameter in live, and triggered manually via a mappable trigger button, or on any incoming midi note.

Based on the LittleEnveloper by Mauricio Gizi (

If there is interest I will continue to develop this and add features such as midi filtering, velocity tracking, etc.

Assisted by Clydesdale from the Ableton forums.

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Downloads: 3502
Tags effect, other, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.6
Date Added: Mar 08 2014 23:50:34
Date Last Updated: Mar 24 2014 23:59:07
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Lil'MidiEnvy.amxd


I'm looking for a kind of sidechained compressor, which mutes MIDI notes on track 1 when another MIDI note from track 2 is coming in via the sidechain. Like an audio compressor but only with MIDI.
Does your device has this function? From the picture alone, I'm not sure...

Would it be hard to make this work for Live 8 m4l ?

@MonkeyEcho - You could set up a scenario where a midi note triggers this envelope, which is mapped to the chain on/off of a midi effect rack to effectively mute incoming notes on that track.

@zeep: Have you tried it on Live 8? What version of max are you using?


Thanks for replying. Yes it works fine in 8. Sorry :)

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