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Name | Version: Auto Flush Notes 2
Author: dennisdesantis
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device automatically stops all notes whenever the global transport stops. Optionally, it can also silence any release envelopes, and reset the pitch bend and modulation wheels to either their default values or the values at the current physical position of the wheels.

This should eliminate hanging notes that sometimes occur, as well as issues where pitch bend and or mod. wheel values get "stuck."

Pressing the Flush button manually will also trigger all of the above actions.

To use, simply insert an instance on any MIDI track that is experiencing hanging notes or controllers.


Known issues: If the Current Position options are selected for the pitch bend and modulation wheels, they will reset to the position they were last in while the transport was stopped. If the wheels are moved again after the transport is started, the new values will not be set when flushed.


Live Version Used: 9.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.6
Date Added: Dec 30 2013 12:25:14
Date Last Updated: Jan 02 2014 22:42:01
Downloads: 912
License: None
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Device File: Auto Flush Notes 2.amxd

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