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Name/Version: Standard concert pitch changer 1.0
Author: freshmania  
Description: You where also always curious about the A= 432Hz or A=440Hz discussion?

Drag this object in before every Midi Instrument, which should change its Pitch.
Then choose the Pitch with the buttons. (440 or 432)
The Pitchbend value of every single instrument needs to be set on +12/-12.

have fun!

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Downloads: 1166
Tags effect, hardware
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Nov 17 2013 18:09:58
Date Last Updated: Nov 19 2013 04:16:23
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: standard_pitch_changer.amxd


does this work with chords as well or just mono?


This makes me sad. Not that this is the place for it but...
This 432 nonsense has to stop. So much disinformation, lies, and made up numerology. Look, if your going to go this way then go all the way and use pythagorean temperament also, otherwise you're not following the supposed "facts" that this is based on.
Nobody in history ever tuned to 432hz until recently. Nobody. Not Verdi. No one. Not a single culture or group anywhere. The number 432 is generated from a pile of assumptions and made up equations that have little basis in reality and accuracy. Hell, mankind couldn't even measure how long a second was until 150 years ago so how could we measure vibrations per second. Bach's organ was tuned to 480hz and his harpsichord to 422. So please just quit it.

Sorry. Pet peeve. Love :)

Dear manysounds,
thank you for your opinion and your proposal to stop this discussion, by declaring all thoughts people put into such an topic as "nonsense".
I think, since there is an interest of people in the 432 | 440 topic, it is worth to have a look at it and make your own picture. Better than spreading never tried predictions "don't you think"? Its nothing else than a easy tool to experience the difference between the two. Its not a part of a tuning revolution, revanche on the nazis or else.. In science its meaningful, if you compare even just two things... even when nothing comes out. With this tool it gives people the possibility to experiment... no more no less.

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