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Name/Version: gammik 1.0
Author: asb2m10  
Description: Gammik is a drum sequencer that comes with a set of non-intrusive helpers for adding/removing/regenerating events based on probability.

On the left, it is a classic drum sequencer with 32 steps and 8 different voices. On the right, there are 8 "probability" helpers that can change the content of the step sequencer.

The first combo box (block size) in the "probability" helper determines the number steps to do on each cycle. If it is 8, there will be 4 cycles (4*8=32). If the 'repeat' option is selected, the first cycle will be copied in the remaining cycles; otherwise each cycle will be calculated independently. The range is used to control where you need to apply the probability (only in the beginning, at the end, in the middle or everywhere). Each time you reselect the 'block size', the probability range is applied to the complete steps of the block size. The number of item in the block zone determines how many times you need to test if the voice need to be played or not. The step value (in blue) tells when this item can be played: if it is in the middle, there is 50% to be played, if it is completely up, it will always be played, if it is on the bottom, it will never be played.

'+' 'A' '-' controls the probability action on this voice. '+' will add an event; it determines the position by finding the highest probability that have not been yet selected. '-' removes an event; by finding the lowest probability that should not be selected. 'A' removes everything and re-calculates the probability of this voice.

The arrow buttons does a rotation to the left or right of the current steps.

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Downloads: 1212
Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Oct 14 2013 02:44:51
Date Last Updated: Oct 14 2013 02:45:32
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Device File: gammik.amxd



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