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Name | Version: Scene Transposer 1.0
Author: Because789
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device allows you to transpose every clip in the selected scene by semitones.

- Transpose clips in the SELECTED scene.
- You can choose if you want to transpose only midi clips (M), only audio clips (A) or both (M/A).
- MIDI clips are transposed destructively, the notes in the clips themself are moved to the new pitch.
- Audio clips go through a check if Warp is on or not. If not it will just transpose the clip. If it's on you can reset the Warp mode by selecting a mode and checking the Reset Warp box before you click Transpose.

Use with care! Make sure you save your work before you use this device.

Based on Transpose MMC 1.0 (, basic idea by Ableton forum user shadx312.


Live Version Used: 9.0.5
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Aug 07 2013 13:04:05
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1898
License: None
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Device File: Scene Transposer v1.0.amxd


great device you got there. would it be possible to make a plugin that detunes whatever audio clip is selected? there is a plugin called loop brace which attempts to do this but unfortunately during recording the automation does some crazy stuff and changes all sorts of parameters. cheers!

amazing, going to second the detune feature as well! thanks
Really useful device for live performance! Thanks!

I have one small problem: when I map the Transpose button to a Note Value on my controller, it only alternates between On and Off rather than reacting like it would when you click on it. My FCB1010 somehow can't send CC messages that trigger actions on and off (like a click), so I need to use Note values instead (like for Looper). Do you think it would be possible to make the Transpose button react as it should with Note Values? That would make my live performance so much easier. Thanks! :)

great device!
Is it possibe you do a version which changes the pitch of all clips (even unselected) of one audio track?
I need this for kind of harmonic mixing with a lot of audioclips in a live project in which the key is improvised.

I would be really glad!!!

Greets peter

p.s. better would be without transpose button (just a fader for Midi control)
Great device!!!
Better would be without transpose button and button + -... Please Thanks! :)
p.s add button + -

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