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Name | Version: REALTIME Audio To Midi Converter OUTPUT 0.9.2
Author: diego19187
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This Version has been frozen to make it easier to work with.

REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi_Converter OUTPUT

you need sigmund~
to make this work!!!

you need the REALTIME Audio To Midi Converter INPUT to make this work!!!

Put Audio in, get Midi Out
(With velocity and experimental PitchBend)

a little twitchy but who cares, it's experimental ;)
not really stable yet!!!

Put the REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi INPUT Patch on a monophonic Audio Track or Input you'd like to get as Midi-Stream.
Put the REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi OUPUT Patch on a Midi Track and the Synth/Sampler or Hardware you want to use, behind it.

You can pitch up to 3 different voices away from your original tone and the original tone itself.

I recommend experimenting with the Arpeggiatior/Chords/Velocity Midi Devices of Ableton.

This is work in progress.
Any Tipps, Ideas or fixes are welcome!



Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 05 2013 17:24:54
Date Last Updated: May 02 2014 16:32:40
Downloads: 3322
License: None
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Device File: NewPitchtracker MidiOut 0.01.amxd


hi Diego! great stuff,

i was wondering if you have been keeping on experimenting with the sigmund obj and if you have any way to read multiple notes simultaneously like to dissect a chord over time..


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