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Name/Version: SidFigther 1.2
Author: Jkamata  
Description: Hi folks,
Here's my first m4l patch ive ever done.. :)

This is a combined cc' & sysex controller for the Elektron Sidstation. To get full acces to all controllers the Sidstation must be in v.R33. To get v.R33 go here: REMEMBER TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS
Furthermore to be able to send sysex ive implemented Katsuhiro Chiba's Midi-Udp-Bridge

I tried to use the lh_midiout - but it gets greyed out - so I lost patience and just went with what worked for me.

This controller is without the Direct Control & Direct Control Assignement and min max value -

So in order to make this work - roll your version back or forth to r.33 - download the udp-midi-bridge -and set it to the correct midiout port - as well as in Live. Happy Twiddlíng!

What I would love to implement in the future is a parameter randomizer for each osc and lfo plus the ability to reset parameters, preset handling.
.. I also would love to see a table controller implemented as well but my sysex/max4live knowledge is on noob level - so if anybody wants to give it a try please do so. cheers!

UPDATE: v.1.1:

Now features parameter randomisers and parameter reset - displayed as (?) and (c) - for
each lfo 1,2,3,4
each osc 1,2,3
and the filter

Futhermore each osc has two! randomisers and resetters
one randomiser for all parameters
one resetter for all parameters
and one that randomises everything except
transpose, detune, keytrack, osc on/off and the envelope.
and one resetter for everything except as above -except osc on/off!

By having it this way - one can afford to be a bit more 'daring in randomising each osc - if the main part of the osc is set to a satisfying degree - and you dont wanna mess it up - then use the second randomiser!


UPDATE v.1.2

Fixed some minor issues: for some wanki reason some of the patching to osc1 was missing (srry bout that)
Direct Controllers is now mapped, pw resets to 64.

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Downloads: 382
Tags hardware, beta
Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Mar 25 2013 21:30:01
Date Last Updated: Apr 02 2013 19:15:05
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Device File: SidFighter_v.1.2.amxd


I'm testing it now. Very cool but I think I've found a bug. The waveforms are mixed up on osc 1, so you can't use noise for example.

Please update this!!! this is awesome and very much needed!!!

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