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Name/Version: DSI - Mopho Controller 1.1
Author: freezebeat  
Description: V1.0
- Change programs ( 3 factory banks )
- Change most common controls.

v1.1 update
If a control value is set to zero the Mopho will not be updated. In Version 1.0 this was the case, which causes all controls values where set to 0, if a liveset was reopened. In version 1.1 the choosen value will be sent to the Mopho minus 1, so 1 becomes 0 and 100 becomes 99 and so on..

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Downloads: 1185
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 8.3.0
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Apr 30 2012 11:57:42
Date Last Updated: Apr 30 2012 17:37:04
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: DSI - Mopho.amxd


Hey freezebeat,
after recording and playing back 1 Bar and then stopping Ableton ,my mopho continues playing back the reorded notes , even though Ableton is stopped. I also use 8.3 on a mac 10.6.8
Is there also a device in progress for the Evolver ?

Hi emoll7b5,

Is this occuring with a preset that uses the arpeggiator ?

I don't own a Evolver, so no plans to make a device for it.. Sorry...

Any devlopment of a DSI Tempest plugin planned ?


work with windows?

inserted this device, inserted the external instrument plugin, set correct midi output, and set correct audio input.

midi messages are sent out and trigger my mopho.

but can not change anything on my mopho with this device. no response when adjusting any parameters.

i am a total newbie to m4l and live. am i missing something?



Sorry can't test it anymore, I don't have this device anymore..


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