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Name | Version: SubtleSonic CRONE - textural drone synth 2.0.1
Author: PeterMcCulloch
Device Type: Instrument
Description: CRONE is a comb-filter-based polyphonic drone synthesizer. It uses pulse waves and noise to excite comb filters; stereo lowpass filters shape and pan the sound.

CRONE is great for pad sounds and can even do an acceptable clav, but it really excels at creating intricate rhythmic textures via pulse waves. It's great for making textures like "a cloud of mandolins" or "a roomful of tambours".

Documentation and demos available at:

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Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Dec 04 2011 08:31:07
Date Last Updated: May 02 2012 12:54:13
Downloads: 10608
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: CRONE.amxd


You missed the freeze option... (no bpatcher crone~blablabla...)
Egg on my face. Should be cool now.
all good... and sounding interesting

thanks a lot
unfortunately when I open the device in Live it is empty. There is only a little green-ish info button in the left hand bottom. When I click on that Live is crashing....
I'm using Live 8.2.2 and Max 5.1.8 on a PC.
Sad, I'd really love to have a good at this device, seems to be really interesting...
Sounds like it could be an issue with bpatcher. It's using a bpatcher with an offset. I can try embedding it. Is Windows okay with filenames with multiple extensions? (sorry, OSX only here) I'll try to get it updated in the next day or so.

Anyone else experiencing this bug?
Hey its coming up blank for me to im using all up to date versions on windows
Took a little longer, but here's an updated version. I'm using an embedded bpatcher for the main bpatcher so that should work for everyone.

Caveat: This is an interim version (2.0.1) as I need to go back and update some of the factory presets.

Bonus: I added a new oneshot mode ("Once" at top of the Pulse section) so you can play single notes with just the pulse or in combination with the noise source.
I love the Sound !! Great Beast THANK YOU !!
Thanks a lot, will try it now...
Hi Peter, I notice that to remove DC offsets sometimes you use cross~ and other times biquad~. I have been using the dcblocker external from Jasch. Do you find one more efficient? I want to switch and use a native solution.

Both are going to be really efficient, I'd guess, if cross~ is implemented like it appears to be in gen~.crossover.

Neither of them are super-intense CPU-wise.
OK, thanks Peter :)


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