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Name/Version: valence 1.1
Author: disconnector  
Description: valence is a single oscillator monophonic synth with some interesting sound shaping qualities.

UPDATE: 2015-09-23
/ improved envelope exponents - much more responsive now
/ fixed an error with the second filter cutoff exponent value
/ collapsed the sub oscillator into a single control - still all the same functionality, just easier for push integration
/ improved the push and automap functionality. there are now four banks of controls - each of the "blocks" represents a bank, more or less.


/ four oscillator modes:
- saw (with two additional detuned saw waves via "shape")*
- pulse (pulse width modified via "shape")
- triangle ("shape" transforms it into a saw gradually)
- triangle + ("shape" adds two additional harmonics)
* the saw OSC has a built in LFO, and thus, the LFO is not routed to "shape" in this mode.

/ "square" is a square waveshaper

/ a flexible sub oscillator:
- can be tuned to -1 or -2 octaves, or down a forth or fifth
- selectable sine or square wave

/ harmonic FM controls via "harm" (harmonic factor) and "bright" (amount). the sub osc is unaffected by this - it directly modifies the incoming frequency pre-OSC

/ a bitcrusher via "resamp" and "quant"

/ a pre-filter gain control. keep it around -30 in most cases. cranking it will overdrive the signal into the filter.

/ serial-arranged SVF filters - filter A feeds into filter B.

/ amp and a filter envelope. the envelope triggering is assigned to BOTH envelopes.

/ two LFOs. routing is in the lower right portion of the LFO controls (you can route to filter A cutoff, filter B cutoff, and the oscillator shape).

have fun, and let me know if you encounter any errors, or see anything can could be improved.

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Downloads: 1254
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.4
Date Added: Sep 14 2015 14:36:54
Date Last Updated: Sep 23 2015 10:59:16
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Device File: Valence 1.1.amxd


Hey, great work as usual!

I'd like to recommend adding an exponent to a lot of the dials, primarily the time and pitch/frequency related ones. The adsrs in particular are difficult to adjust without it.

Hmm, maybe I didn't implement it correctly? A fair number of dials have exponent values, but I'll admit they were assigned based on my personal tastes.

I did just notice that I have different exponent values for the cutoffs (missed that in QA) - 4 and 3. The decays and cutoffs have an exponent of 2, and the LFO freq rates 2.666. If there are values that are a bit more standard, or preferable, let me know.

yeah, it's mainly the adsrs - anyway, something that I feel really helps the playability of the synth a lot. Just something to consider, I guess - trying to give constructive criticism is difficult when the amxd is just so good :D

btw, I've been using Ferine as our main synth in my group for a while along with Aalto :) great fun.

gotcha. well, drop me a line here - you've given invaluable feedback on my previous work, and, great to hear you're getting some good use out of Ferine!

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