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Name/Version: LBC Synplant 1.0
Author: LemuBaraTools  
Description: - LBC Synplant - 1.0 -

LBC Synplant is a software-specific controller for Synplant


1. Sequencer's Layers (10x): Note, Duration, Velocity, 5 CC (Plant Seed, Rotation, Mod Wheel, Effect, Release, Velocity s.) and Program Change.

2. 6 CC (Volume, Atonality, Wheel s., Tuning, Next preset, Prev. preset) dials and toggles.

3. Step Sequencer: Transpose, Pitch Mode, Tonic, Number of steps, Direction, Interval.

4. Preset object. Open/Save .maxpresets.

By Lemubara Tools


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Downloads: 3110
Tags sequencer, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: May 13 2010 13:40:55
Date Last Updated: Mar 18 2011 08:40:14
Average Rating (8) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: LBC_Synplant_1.0.amxd


easy to use, fast, looks good and make the ambient synplant, against it's will, melodic! very good and many thankxz!

The steps aren't showing up for me. Am I missing something?

@M4LFiend: hi, you dont see the steps because you have to download the last version of max 5.1.4 from here:

@john: Thanks! :)


Thanks LemuBara. I'm really digging your patches. If only we could access to the gene parameters of synplant... Perhaps someday they'll update synplant..

Yea... This patch is pretty much killer. Perfect combination with synplant. Thanks for making my day! An LBC for microtonic would be a sick combination as well. Synplant and Microtonic sound so good.

this one is quite AMAZING!!!

yeah great !!! i love that soft synth, thanks for the device. Good work !

Ey Thanks!

@M4LFiend: Yeah it could be great to control the gene parameters via CCs...

We are now resting for a while and thinking about what to do next. we want to continue the LBC series with Microtonic, Imposcar and our old hardware: Roland 808, Roland JV-90, Clavia Nord Rack and more...

check our website and our twitter account for the last updates


It seems that in the sequencers Modwheel is in fact controlling Rotation, and Rotation, Effects and Vel Sens do not send any cc... Or did I miss something ?

Still in 1.0 version. We've made some changes in text labels and remove old links and info.

@abertier we dont see any problem with Vel Sens, works fine for us. text labels of Rotation and Modwheel are now in the right place.


About the rotation and modwheel permutation, I should download it again but it's still the same version number ?

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