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Name/Version: Keys 1.0
Author: presbycusis  
Description: This device was originally designed to model keys jangling (hence the name) but by tweaking parameters it does more than that.
(This is my first device - comments and suggestions welcome.)
It's based on the "multiparticle system" in Perry Cook's "Real Sound Synthesis". A train of random pulses (quickly-decaying white noise) excites a set of resonators. The level of the pulses grows as you add energy (i.e. shake the keys) then decays exponentially.
This instrument has 3 pulse trains exciting different resonances. (I set the resonance frequencies by analysing sound from my own keys.) You can independently set the level and pan of the trains. You can also set the length of pulses; set the time for energy addition and decay; scale the frequency; and set Q for the resonances. Q can modulate randomly (independent for each pulse train).
There's also a "one-shot" mode that puts a single pulse into all resonators.
Default parameters are OK for keys - reduce frequency and pulses per second and it's wind chimes or maybe bells. Reduce Q and play around a bit and it's a shaker.
MIDI input is just "note on" = play and note value sets the frequency multiplier.
Hope you enjoy it.

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Date Added: Feb 21 2010 05:31:32
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