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Name/Version: Ultimate Ztep Zeq 2.1
Author: animatek  
Description: UZZ 2.0 !! :)
UZZ is a Max For Live device inspired in the step sequencer created by Len Sasso for Logic Audio environment.

Uss has always been a base for my creations. Now with Max For Live I had the opportunity to recreate one of my favorite machines. With only 16 steps you can create magical patterns, and changing a couple of parameters can rapidly mutate to a new level.


UZZ is a 16-step sequencer where you can adjust each parameter in every step independently. You can modify the following parameters:

Step Parameters:

- Mode: Play/Mute.
- Pitch: Range 0-12.
- Octave: -2 to +2, five eights.
- Velocity: Range 0 – 127.
- Duration: Range 2 – 1000ms.
- Two remote controls (control 1 and 2): 0 – 127.

Global Parameters:

- Keyboard icon activates midi notes input that will be affected by Transpose.
- Double click on Keyboard icon resets the transpose 0.
- Transpose: Transposes the sequence: -24 to 24.
- Steps: Selects the number of steps: 1 – 16.
- Direction: Direction of the sequence: forward, backward. forward & backward.
- Reset: Reset the sequence to global clock of the song.
- Scale: Scale Select the type of scale (up to 19 different scales).
- Quantize: Quantize: Quantizes the sequence: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8,1/16, 1/32, Dotted and Triplets.
- Swing: Swing on/off, and Swing amount.
- Preset Map:You can map the preset change from your controller in number box, but you must enable it before with the map icon.
- Preset:To record shift + click a grey square; to recall the preset click on it.
- Keyboard icon enable for recall presets from input notes (C6 to B6).
- A double click deletes all presets. Caution!!!!

Global Parameter Tweak:
- Press the parameter name to reset it.
- All parameters have a random button.
- Roll up and down the parameters with the arrows.

Modulation Controls:

- Modulate any parameter with Pitch, Velocity, Controls 1 and 2.
- C1, C2, C3, C4, four controls to map any parameter in Ableton.
- Click on map button; then, click any Ableton control to map; to unmap, click the *X* button.

Matrix for modulation:

- Modulate any parameter with Pitch, Velocity, Controls 1 and 2.

Parameters to modulate:
-> The four Controls, from C1 to C4.
-> Control Change.
-> Program Change.
-> Pitch Bend. (Click on PB to reset to 0).
-> After Touch

Panic Button:

- Send a note off to all notes.

New Update 2.1!

Max 6 compatibility
minor bugfixed

Device Details

Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Jul 02 2013 11:38:12
Date Last Updated: May 14 2016 05:10:46
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Fantastic update! Bought instantly ! Been using UZZ for some time now. Great to see you're advancing the sequencer.
Works wonderfully mapped to the bcr2000..

actually haven't mapped the uzz to my bcr2000 yet.
was thinking of another.
there's no right click midi learn here. is this possible ?

Glad you find it useful!!!

Do you want to map the pitch and velocity sliders?

I'll make an update in a couple of days, don?t worry!

Thanks for the support!!

definitely! map as much as possible.
especially pitch, quantization, randomize buttons.

being able to map this to the massive amount of knobs available to the bcr2000 is where its at!

how do the updates work for folks who bought it ?

Hello, i send an update of the UZZ through Sellfly to the 1.1 version, please confirm all is right with the download stuff...

fully mappable ;)

download update confirmed! danka

Grabbed myself a copy. Can't wait to get home and run some analogue synths through it.

ok bought this because it promised maping of all major parameters... now i cant find how to use my BCR 2000 to change OCTAVE and PLAY/MUTE for each step... there is no email on authors pages... anyone can help me how to change OCTAVE and PLAY/MUTE for each step via midi mapping and BCR 2000... thanks

the standard Ableton 8 "Edit MIDI Map" highlights and lets me assign midi to:

- and probably more i didnt spot

but id love to have midi map to MODE PLAY/MUTE and OCTAVE for each step - its either there but i dont see how to map it... clicking with mouse open submenu on MODE and OCTAVE and it doesnt let me midi map


not next to my bcr2000 at the moment.
but will look into this in few.
i use uzz with the bcr2000 as well.

@VR hi, in the next update the mode will be switched to a toggle or a menu;)

I'm looking at some method for the octave too...

For the nexts updates, how do You feel the UZZ with 32steps????

ooh my. 32 steps! heck yes. do it. why not. would be amazing for sure. can't wait for the next update..

experimenting with Uzz, sequencing 2 instances of madrona labs Aalto synth and batter:


I'm sporadically having issues with stuck notes on external synths when I use the sequencer. Anyone else having this issue?

Hello again! I did some testing, and I used Ableton's mono sequencer, Sting by Skinnerbox, and the Uzz sequencer.

The only sequencer giving my external synths stuck notes is the Uzz. I have to power them off and on again to get them to stop.
This is everything from my Minibrute, Moog synths, and Korg synths.

Is it possible to add a panic button that would give all an notes off to the sequencer? It's very usable with soft synths, but I bought it to use with my externals.

Can you help me out?

Hello i will add a panic button for the next update!!! thnxs for the support!

panic button Added!!


Loving this sequencer, am planning to map it to bcr2000 soon

It seems to be messing with my undo history in live 9.1, max 6

or am I missing something?

Thanks for a great sequencer :)

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