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I 100% agree, but let's push the envelope! I don't have the skills, nor ever plan to have the Max4live skills to create these devices. I will create noise, annoyance, music, whatever you want to call it, but I need more:) I've been trying to mentally convert song structures written in guitar, bass, piano, etc... to other instrumentation. please, if Monolake can make Granulator and it does what I want it to do, you can make an oscillator that can sweep single samples that I can load. Lastly, The Ren'e style sequencer would help create happy accidents:) I can shat out a tune that sucks on an acoustic instrument, but is incredible electronically. I feel the absolute need to sing over electronic music mixed with whatever I can pull off.


I had a modular system for a while, and ended up selling all the modules due to financial needs at the time. Anyways, I bought the environment and am happily pleased with it, but I was wondering if any of the more modern modules were planned to be emulated.

I'm not asking you to rip off The Harvestman modules, or Make noise modules, but it would be incredible to have a Piston Honda, Maths, etc... style module. Also, sequencers like Ren'e interfaced via ipad? The possibilities are endless and it's great to have it in the Live app, but everything I just bought (aside from polyphony) I already had in Reaktor.

I'm eagerly awaiting more:)



Absolutely love the deck!

Hello again! I did some testing, and I used Ableton's mono sequencer, Sting by Skinnerbox, and the Uzz sequencer.

The only sequencer giving my external synths stuck notes is the Uzz. I have to power them off and on again to get them to stop.
This is everything from my Minibrute, Moog synths, and Korg synths.

Is it possible to add a panic button that would give all an notes off to the sequencer? It's very usable with soft synths, but I bought it to use with my externals.

Can you help me out?


I'm sporadically having issues with stuck notes on external synths when I use the sequencer. Anyone else having this issue?

Once again..... Why is this in the free device library.......