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On maxforlive.com users contribute to an online library of free Max for Live Devices that you can use for no charge by sharing .amxd files or links (known as "references" on maxforlive.com) to download or purchase them elsewhere.

Note: Max 7 is now out and brings some amazing imporvements to the Max environment. Can you use Max 7 with Max for Live? Read https://www.ableton.com/en/articles/max-7-compatiblity/ for compatiility information about using Max 7 with Max for Live. Read https://cycling74.com/max7/ for a tour of what's new in Max 7.


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Dec 17

Oscilloscope V1 M4L Oscilloscope Analyze and Visualize Audio Signals. Use the devices after Instruments/Audiosignal... (read more)

Dec 15

Monome64 Step Sequencer *** serialosc.maxpat MUST BE INCLUDING http://monome.org/docs/_media/app:serialosc:serialosc.maxpat-... (read more)

Dec 15

RevStretchR !Requires Max 7! RevStretchR creates lush textural layers by playing back recorded audio in a rever... (read more)

Dec 13

Meeblip Anode Controller This is a M4L device to control Meeblip Anode's parameter. The original M4L device was programmed by... (read more)

Dec 12

MIDI DETUNER Midi device which allows to transpose particular incoming midi notes (all of them, disregarding octa... (read more)

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