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On maxforlive.com users contribute to an online library of free Max for Live Devices that you can use for no charge by sharing .amxd files or links (known as "references" on maxforlive.com) to download or purchase them elsewhere.

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Mar 22

Stochastic MIDI Generate random MIDI note messages with adjustable probability and randomised length and velocity fo... (read more)

Mar 22

Analog Rytm Randomizer Module Hallo here you can find only the randomizer module for AR (maybe you use another midi generator th... (read more)

Mar 21

GrainClouder GrainClouder is a granular synthesiser meant as a performance tool. The granular process is kept pre... (read more)

Mar 21

Machinedrum Haters PATCH 1. Possibility to load one patch on each Ableton Drum Rack pad. (16 tracks like Machinedrum)... (read more)

Mar 20

Drop Generator The idea came from a wind chime out my window. It plays notes quite randomly given wind can sometime... (read more)

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