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On maxforlive.com users contribute to an online library of free Max for Live Devices that you can use for no charge by sharing .amxd files or links (known as "references" on maxforlive.com) to download or purchase them elsewhere.

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Aug 22

MIKADO -Two Pattstorage and Preset Seq HELP for Programmer Need make Ableton Max Patch with Two PattStorage~ object and Two PRESET~ ob... (read more)

Aug 20

MIDI ChromatixT mr This is a chromatic remapper: a way to alter the notes that are put into a following 'Scale' device ... (read more)

Aug 19

MIKADO ClyphX SNAP Two Button Trig Many Samples ClyphX User ClyphX ALL/SNAP DEVALL MIX+ Store eatch 2 ID samples and With only 2 Assigned... (read more)

Aug 19

MIKADO ClyphX SNAP Midi In Mod Wheel Receive Midi IN Mod Wheel from Midi Keybord and and Add Abillity to CLYPHX USER ALL/SNAP ... (read more)

Aug 19

MIKADO ClyphX SNAP Save REC position Another assignable Midi TRACK ARM REC Position ( audio & midi track ) and Add Abillity ... (read more)

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