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M4L DrumSynth Rimshot 1.0 by kleine
1758 downloads, 1 Comments synth
Here's an addition to the M4L DrumSynth from the Essentials pack - a Rimshot cell. It let's you easily create those 808, 909 and CR78 style rim shots. Of course it also has the complete velocity modul... (more info)

Tide II 2.0 by kleine
2 Comments synth
Tide II, the successor of Tide. This devices comes bundled with my album titled 'shipbuilding'. If you buy this release, the device files come with it. New features: . custom Waveforms are storable... (more info)

Playlist 1.0 by kleine
634 downloads, 3 Comments utility
Playlist - counts your clips in the session view - writes all clip/file names into a text file - lets you export the playlist as a textfile If you want to share a playlist of files/clips with you... (more info)

StopFXTails 1.0 by kleine
758 downloads, 4 Comments utility
This utility mutes all effects on a given track when you stop the playback - useful if you wont to cut off reverb or long delay tails on sequencer stop... It includes code from Lesupermute. (more info)

Verbotron 1.0 by kleine
0 Comments effect
A version of the Gigaverb as M4L device. Exclusively on Its parameters are: Early: A volume control that determines the amount of early reflections. Early reflections are similar to s... (more info)

M4L Multipitch 1.1 by kleine
8701 downloads, 6 Comments effect
Some sort of a audio effect equivalent of the "Chord" MIDI effect from the native Ableton devices. Quite a fun device but it also shows the limitations of realtime pitch shifting audio. (more info)

String 1.0 by kleine
1534 downloads, 0 Comments synth
Waveguide String Physical Model Derived from AudioMatt's patch posted to the forums here: Ported and slightly modified. (more info)

Simon Memory 1.0 by kleine
554 downloads, 0 Comments other
Simon is an electronic game of memory skill training. Simon was launched in 1978 at Studio 54 in New York City and was an immediate success, becoming a pop culture symbol of the 1970s and 1980s. Simon... (more info)

M4L Tide Synthesizer 1.0 by kleine
0 Comments synth
M4L Tide is a 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer. It has two special Wavetable Oscillators (one with FM), 2 traditional Oscillators and a fat Moog-style Lowpass filter with snappy envelopes. Also, there'... (more info)

LFOMIDIno AT 1.0 by kleine
871 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, utility
A version of the MIDI LFO from the Max essentials Pack with removed Aftertouch since it could cause some irritant problems for some PUSH users.... (more info)

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