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Vsynth Patchbook 1.0 by kevinkripper
2 Comments synth, video, effect, utility, other, dj, m4lhackevent, beta
The Patchbook are a series of configurations that branched out from Vsynth and were optimized and ported to use inside Live! - What is Vsynth? A series of modules that together make a modular video s... (more info)

Ciosor.K 1.0 by kevinkripper
238 downloads, 1 Comments utility, glitch, other, m4lhackevent, beta
Virus: W32/Ciosor.A Alias: M4L/Ciosor.K Classification: Malware Category: Computer Worm Size: 993 Kb Characteristics: The M4L.Ciosor worm affects the entire behavior of your mouse. (more info)

Session Notes 1.0 by kevinkripper
3756 downloads, 8 Comments utility, other
Hi! The other day I had to write some notes within the Session and I realized that Live's notes/reminders system wasn't comfortable enough for me, so I've built this simple device to save with the Ses... (more info)

Clip Loop Monitor 1.4 by kevinkripper
1713 downloads, 12 Comments utility, other, dj
It's my mod of "Clip Loop Monitor" by user Synnack (, currently hosted at This device gives you a better display of th... (more info)

Ultimate Mixer 1.1 by kevinkripper
42 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
Ultimate Mixer is the best solution to expand your Ableton Live expirience. It is the floating mixer that was missing to use Live with a second monitor! Music Radar's Review: http://www.musicradar.c... (more info)

Automatic Filter 1.0 by kevinkripper
2606 downloads, 5 Comments lfo, effect, utility
Automatic Filter is a free & simple-to-use graphical filter that can be controlled by an LFO or a customised Envelope. It has a friendly UI to make things really easy but, just in case, each parameter... (more info)

Spectrum Analyzer S8 1.5 by kevinkripper
14 Comments effect, utility, other
Spectrum Analyzer S8 is a multiple-track real time spectrum analyzer. It lets you visualize the spectral content of 8 stereo tracks simultaneously. You can use it as a frequency overlap detector and a... (more info)

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