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St.Cross 1.0 by TJShredder
543 downloads, 4 Comments dj
If the one crossfader isn't enough throw in this... You can have as many crossfaders as you want, just give them different names... (more info)

St.pace 1.0 by TJShredder
867 downloads, 3 Comments utility, other
St.pace is a spacializer. Finally you can move your sound through up to 8 speakers. It has a very different concept to other spacializers, as it is a 24 step sequenzer, interpolating between different... (more info)

St.ello 0.5 by TJShredder
3183 downloads, 0 Comments synth
A simple physical model of a bowed string. It isn't quite ready yet, but have a look... It uses some special envelopes. If you define multiple sustain points, it will loop and play them randomly. It h... (more info)

StateVariableSplit 1.0 by TJShredder
1406 downloads, 1 Comments effect
A most simple state variable filter which allows to split the left and right channels at a frequency... (more info)

LoHiShelf 1.0 by TJShredder
2063 downloads, 1 Comments effect
Simple low and high shelf filter. I was missing this in the normal device collection of Live... (more info)

St.ascade 1.0 by TJShredder
4317 downloads, 6 Comments effect, other
A Midi controllable filter cascade with 6 filters. It has an internal preset bank which allows to interpolate between stored settings (polyphonic filter sweeps). It is possible to control it with the ... (more info)

MidiSend 1.0 by TJShredder
1670 downloads, 4 Comments utility
A device to send Midi to my various other M4L devices. That way it is possible to control for example filter frequencies of an audio device with a keyboard. (more info)

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