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XLFO -- SubtleSonic tweak 1.0 by PeterMcCulloch
13 Comments lfo
This device is an extension of the LFO device that comes with Live. It adds lots of new features and provides some useful tweaks to existing ones. It's pay what you want with no minimum, though you ... (more info)

SubtleSonic Super6 Detuner 1.0 by PeterMcCulloch
1 Comments effect, utility, other
Super6 is a detune/chorus Max for Live device based on the Roland JP-8000 SuperSaw oscillator. Use it to produce subtle chorusing or nasty detunes. It works great on synths, vocals, and pads. The ori... (more info)

SubtleSonic EnvelopeShaper 1.0 by PeterMcCulloch
7874 downloads, 3 Comments effect, utility, dj
The EnvelopeShaper processes the sounds by boosting or cutting the attack or decay. It does this by comparing the difference between two volume levels, one fast and one slow. It's a multipurpose to... (more info)

SubtleSonic AnalogKick 1.0.1 by PeterMcCulloch
35491 downloads, 30 Comments synth, drum, utility
AnalogKick is a bass drum synth based on the design of the TR-808's bass drum, and is capable of producing sounds quite similar to the original. It also adds features not found in the original, in... (more info)

SubtleSonic BandDistort 1.0 by PeterMcCulloch
2658 downloads, 4 Comments effect, utility, other, dj
Distorts a particular frequency region. Use it to add subtle grit to pads, or go for full-blown distortion effects. Asym determines how asymmetric the signal is that the waveshaper sees, which mean... (more info)

SubtleSonic CRONE - textural drone synth 2.0.1 by PeterMcCulloch
10419 downloads, 12 Comments synth, other
CRONE is a comb-filter-based polyphonic drone synthesizer. It uses pulse waves and noise to excite comb filters; stereo lowpass filters shape and pan the sound. CRONE is great for pad sounds and ca... (more info)

SubtleSonic UltraComb 1.1 by PeterMcCulloch
3691 downloads, 2 Comments effect, glitch, other, dj
This is a robotize / bouncing-ball effect on steroids. Version 1.1 adds interpolation to the delays so that you can adjust the times without zipper noise. (this is set using the HQ button) You can ... (more info)

SubtleSonic BASSO - a fat monosynth with presets 1.0.4 by PeterMcCulloch
6178 downloads, 4 Comments synth
Basso is a monophonic bass and lead synth designed to sound big. It's got lots of oscillators, two filter sections, saturation, feedback delay, hard sync with a separate envelope, and tons of other fe... (more info)

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