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Name/Version: MDD Granular Drone Machine 1.7
Author: maximedangles  
Description: Hello,

Based on the two great external nw.grainpulse~ and nw.gverb~ of Nathan Wolek (thanks to him :, the GDM is my really first M4L instrument.

The only thing you have to do is to load a folder full of samples. After that push the random knob to have a new Drone.

Samples can be played as a One Shoot (O) or Loop (L). And can be tempo Free or Sync.

The six voices can be routed to six audio tracks in ableton to be recorded without the reverb.

Have Fun ;)


it can now read all types of audio files (wav aif mp3...)

Presets added

Added Solo and Multi-Samples option.
Added the Spiralune edit to keep the folder saved with your live set. thanks to him :)

Pitch tracking is now perfect (depending on your samples...)

Silders mode

Initial release


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Downloads: 506
Tags synth, sampler, other
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Jul 17 2019 12:10:34
Date Last Updated: Aug 07 2019 13:46:07
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: MDD_GDM_1.7.amxd


Awesome! Quite a unique device, generating all sorts of strange soundscpages and textures. Thanks for sharing, will use it as a source for further more material to manipulate and mangle.

Thank man ! you should download the lastest version, the pitch work perfectly now...i had some problem until i found the solution today !

Did it! Thanks again for this very unique tool. Much much appreciated the share :)

This is excellent!!! Thank you!!!

cool maximedangles

great fun device !! thanks

Ha !!

folder samples not save whit live set

you can see in my patch

i am find a solution to save folder with LiveSet

very fun device hihi !!

hi maximedangles

i had function to save folder samples whith Live Set


tell me when you have updated your patch with what I added
then I will erase mine patch


I erased mine

at pleasure

unfortunate that it doesn't work on Live 9

i didn't try on Live 9, sorry to hear that :( it may be possible because of the multi-out (it wasn't supported on live 9).

Great device for drones/ambient, thanks!

I'm doing something wrong :-(
Windows Ableton 10.1, i load a folder with samples but no sound.. i try a sequence with different octaves but i can't hear anything.
The only that i can hear is the subtone when i change the volume.

Same for me :(

Same. The only sound is from the sub. Tried a variety of samples, opening, freezing, re-saving in Max.
OS X 11.6 Live 10.1.

I'm so sorry ! i forgot to freeze the device before i upload it :(

It should work now... please let me know !

yes sir!! now it's working! amazing job :-)

Hey this is absolutely awesome!

Having one issue where I can only get sound if playback is enabled (i.e. playing through the live sets time line)? No sounds if the track is armed but no playback taking place. Is there some dependancy on playback time units?

Great device.

@BigWitch, Yes it as if you're in sync ;)

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