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Name/Version: FS1R Live 0.2
Author: slee  
Description: Control your FS1R. Allows you to choose a Performance from the INT & Preset Banks (List of performances taken from a factory FS1R). Also allows control through MIDI CC and it all maps nicely to the Push display.

This is now a open source project on GitHub, and I will be trying to create a full Performance editor.

V 0.2 - Updated Graphics, renamed to FS1R Live, as FS1ReMOTE will be the software suite name.
V 0.1 - Initial Release (was called FS1ReMOTE)

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Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.01
Date Added: Mar 02 2015 13:11:44
Date Last Updated: Aug 28 2015 15:32:44
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Attribution


Bless you!

I have a Fs1r.
Whating for more...

I own a FS1R too... Great work!
Looking forward seeing future reases! :-)

This looks like a great project - So thank you very much for the effort, it is much appreciated.

When I read your about your plan about building an editor for the FS1r, I become unsure whether you know about the two existing editors for the FS1R?

One is free:

The other is 42?:

hi slee,

thanks for this! are you still planning to create a full performance editor - would be amazing to control the fs1r from within ableton!?

Super useful, thank you!

Any chance to make a build of edit part?! I simply cannot use max for live devices at all...

At least if you could change individual parts would be really great! Perhaps a few simple settings to change fm or modulation from Push. Sakura editor is ok, but changing individual parts takes forever with it.

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