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About synnack: Hi, I created I host it and act as the community moderator. The site is not owned by Ableton or Cycling74. Though I do not work for either company, we do collaborate closely on this site to ensure the community thrives and grows. This collaboration earned me official sponsorship from Ableton and the ability to meet many incredibly talented people (all of you!!)
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About my work:

synnack is the artistic moniker of Clint Michael Sand. Defying an easy description, synnack is perhaps best described as experimental electronic music fused with new media performance mediums.

Blurring the lines between art installations, music concerts, and audio releases, synnack combines dark ambient/IDM/Glitch-styled sound generation using custom software environments, with analog modular synthesis to manipulate audio and video into sensory experiences ranging from visceral to cerebral. On stage, synnack leverages live sequencing, dynamic video processing, and dub-inspired mixing techniques such that no two synnack performances are the same. In addition to his own work, synnack collaborates with Jennifer McClain on video based performances and art installations.
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