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As Islam shaped the character of the Ottoman Empire and its subjects, so now secularism reflected the attitude of a modern Turkey.
So how does this history impact on our understanding of the negotiation of the secular and Muslim identity? For many social theoreticians, as well as journalists and everyday individuals it would be all too easy to look at the incompatibility between secularism and Islam. The real picture is not so straight forward. It is not enough to merely state that Islam can not and will not be able to be practiced within a state that primarily identifies as secular. It is too narrow a reading of both Islam and secularism. Many more social theorists who have seen the existence of this hybrity first hand will tend to outline a somewhat more complex reality. ‘Secularism is neither atheism nor animosity for religion. On the contrary it is respectful of religious feelings. But no pressure must be made in the name of any religion over someone’s individual conscience. The structure of Islam is secular.’ (Kaplan: 113:2003) So how did it come to pass that we see both of these discourses as inherently at war with each other? And how when the guidelines as to what constitutes secularism and what constitutes religion are so bounded do we still get blurry lines of overlap? There is perhaps no self-identifying secular state that has successfully separated it self from religion and Turkey is not an exception to this rule. Seemingly one of the primary ways it has had a rather large religious authority within the context of secularism is through the educational system and the encouragement it has had from the Centralized Directorate of Religious Affairs (CDRA) to make schooling more religious, especially since the 1980 coup. The interesting thing about the CDRA is that as well as being the representative of the Official Islam in Turkey it is also ‘one of the largest and best financed state instructions’ (Oncu:230:2006). It has controls over mosques, religious endowments, charitable organizations and not least religious education.
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