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About samykevin: The fundamental ​challenges ​facing new ​ballast water ​treatment ​systems are ​capital and ​operating costs,​ size and power ​requirements, ​efficacy, and ​residual ​toxicity. US ​Coast Guard ​approval is ​also crucial ​because as Don ​Stephen, VP ​Product ​Management ​at De ​Nora was ​quoted, "Very ​few people (​operators) ​would go ahead and take ​chance of ​procuring a ​system that's ​unable being ​USCG approved ​because almost ​certainly there ​would be described as a ​chance with the ​ship traveling ​into US waters ​at some point in time." ​

Optimarin is one on the largest providers of ballast water systems and possesses been on industry since 2000, and its particular UV system was recognized by the IMO in '09. Since 2014, Zeppelin Power Systems is official partner to your Norwegian BWT specialist and to blame for sales, distribution, engineering, installation, documentation and service in Germany, Poland, Russia and many types of GUS states, apart from Ukraine.
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